LITTLETON ON FIRE: Election 2018 

Like ancient Rome, Littleton may experience a fall from within if Proposition 7B is passed. A yes on 7B would approve a new, additional tax for fire and rescue services.

The City has already contracted with South Metro Fire & Rescue, starting 1/1/2019 and plans to give SMFR all of Littleton’s $10,000,000 fire assets for zero return to Littleton’s taxpayers. All of Littleton’s fire and rescue personnel, trained at Littleton’s expense, would also go to SMFR.

Littleton already has the money needed so 7B would be a double tax. The most egregious overstepping act of the Proposal disregards Littleton’s Charter which states in Article XI, Sec. 104: “The Council shall provide by ordinance fire, police and health services —” Littleton City Council has farmed out fire and rescue services to SMFR.

Vote NO on 7B and tell the Council to use existing funds and to abide by the Charter!

Ken Peters