Letter to The Editor – Election Censorship by Littleton

In Littleton we are certainly fortunate to have our own library. I think of our library as a source of information particularly when election season is upon us. I expect to be able to find election information that will help me determine how I will vote. In that light, I went to Bemis seeking permission to place some election information expressing the Con statements for the South Metro Inclusion and Charter Amendments that are included in our November ballot. When I asked permission to leave my flyer I was told that the city’s policy did not allow political literature to be placed in the library. When I pointed out that the City had placed their literature about the election issues in the lobby along with a big poster about the issues, I was told to contact the city manager. I left with my handouts.

I did call the city manger, Mark Relph, who told me the city put out a Blue Book that covered the issues. True, but irrelevant. My request was to place my materials along side the materials prepared by the city with our tax dollars. When I persisted Relph told me that the literature the city had on display and available for citizens was “election neutral” which of course is a very subjective statement to make as I do not agree with him that their materials are “election neutral.” He said he would get back to me and after more than 48 hours he has not.

There is something very wrong when our government can spend our tax dollars to prepare and distribute campaign literature with their message and then deny citizens the same access to getting their message out. Does it really matter what position is taken on any election literature? Aren’t people smart enough to read a variety of materials and make their own determinations? Apparently not. Our city government wants to control and limit the information available to citizens. This is censorship of the worst kind.

Signed by Marty Brzeczek